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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 the Year for Change

As I sit here on the last day of the year chillin on the couch with my best friend, I can't help but look back on this insane year. I can't believe all of this fits into one year.

January 2012
  An insane month to start an insane year. At this time I was living between my parent's house and Camp Horizon. I was serving as the Graduate Intern at Camp as I was getting my Master's Degree online through Southwestern College's Professional Studies program. The beginning of the year I found myself plagued with this news story. One of the victims is very near and dear to my heart. So this year started with a whirl wind of emotions and the feeling of not being able to do anything to stop the chaos and hurt overtaking my world. I spent a lot of time lost and hurt and angry and full of questions and I was the one that was supposed to have the answers. Well like in all tragedies the world moves on and life continues. I spent a lot of time working on school and at Camp. Big Brothers & Big Sisters had a bring your little to work day, so Autumn was able to come to Camp and spend the day with my helping me clean up the canteen and do some office work. Then we of course went on a hike. We were also able to have a sleepover and make yummy cakeballs.

February 2012
  I don't really remember much about this month.
I made my mother an awesome birthday present, the idea came from Pinterest. We have had fun adding new members of the family to it all year.
I also spent time helping my friend Leslie prepare for her wedding coming up in April. Dress fittings can be fun if you want them to be! :P

I had an awesome Valentine's dinner date with my friend Sarah Jane. She managed to talk me into dressing up.
And somewhere in there I was still going to school and working at Camp. I was able to sit in on all of the Counselor interviews.

March 2012
 This was the month that really started all of the insanity. 
March 8th I drove up to Hesston for the first time to meet with the Staff Parish Committee for my interview. The first part of my interview was held at the Chinese Restaurant in town, then we went on to the church. I spent the night in Newton with my friends Sabrina and Jarrod. Then I drove to Salina the next day for an interview at a church there. On the drive home I got a phone call from Hesston and they offered me the job there as their Youth and Discipleship. I accepted!!! 
March 14th I made my first weekly drive to meet the youth group, and so the traveling began. I started driving up weekly on Wednesdays, my day off from camp, and I would work all day in the church then spend the night in Newton with Sabrina and drive back to work at Camp. I was still working on my Master's Degree. 

I had the privilege of reading scripture at a friend's wedding on St. Patrick's Day. That same weekend was our 2012 Summer Staff Retreat at Horizon. 

Over Spring break I invited a young lady that used to be a camper of mine to come and live with my family in AC, this was a rocky journey. She was in a very bad place and needed a step up. Little did I know how much she would change my life over the next month and take everything for granted and leave.

In March I also hosted Leslie's Bachelorette Party. We had a fun night with cupcakes and and some fun presents that I'm sure Dan enjoyed.

I was also enjoying my weekly visits with Sabrina and getting the chance to see Miss Quinn every week. 

April 2012
  We had Leslie's Bridal Shower.

Leslie & Dan got married!

We had a Baby shower for Joel at Camp. I think he had fun opening the presents.

And I spent my last Easter at Home.

May 2012
Graduation time at the Mann household.
First Daric graduated from Cowley.

Then the next day I graduated from Southwestern

That same day the girl that was living with us moved out. It was painful and confusing but ended up being the best thing for me. 

The staff moved to Camp and our Summer began. 

I had the opportunity to be the tooth fairy!

I also switched to weekends in Hesston since my week's were busy with camp.

June 2012
We surprised my parents with a party for their 25th anniversary.

Eden & Britton were born.

My parents helped me find my apartment.

I was able to be a part of my friend Kim's wedding, and I had a blast in Kansas City getting to know her husband Keith.

 July 2012
  My friend Kelly and I donated our hair to Locks of Love

Family Reunion Fun

Settling into my apartment

Lots of Camp Fun

August 2012

Finished up at Camp.
Final move to Hesston.
Started full time in Hesston.
A couple of Birthday parties.

Ava turned 2

Quinn turned 1

Felicity was born

September 2012
   Concert at the Fair

I made costumes for Hesston High School's Musical Once Upon the Mattress. 

We had a Capitol Campaign Kick Off at the Church.

October 2012

I got to spend Halloween at home.

I gave my first sermon at Hesston UMC.

We took the youth kids to the Corn Maze

Nicole and I got dressed up for Tim & Vikki's wedding.

And we went to see The Lion King!

November 2012

Ahri was born.

Eli was born.

Daric proposed to Shayna, She said Yes!!!


This is how I was dressed when hiding to take the pictures of the engagement.

 Autumn was in the school musical Annie

 I took the high school youth group out to Camp Horizon for a day of adventures.

Ellie learned how to play Guess Who, she is good at it.

Thanksgiving with the Family

Reid was born.

December 2012

Christmas Program at the Church

Christmas with the family.

And now I am chilling on Nicole's couch as we are both sick on this last day of the year. We are enjoying the fact that we live close to each other now and can spend a lot of time together, even if it is time spent sleeping and hacking up a lung! I am more than ready for 2013 and another year to discover God's amazing blessings in every part of my life. Thank you Lord for this incredible year, even if it was full of emotions and some crazy difficult learning experiences! A year I loved but don't care to repeat! :) Adios 2012.

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