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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:12

Friday, May 29, 2015

Preggie Pop Drops

People keep asking me how I'm feeling and the truth is that most of the time these days the answer is nauseous. I haven't actually gotten sick yet but I sure have been close a few times. I definitely am waivered these days by smells, tastes, being hungry, being awake, lol just about anything.

I found these amazing pieces of hard candy that have been a miracle for me.

Crackers, pickles, and all the other things that women have told me that helped them are nothing in comparison with these babies!

The picture is now a link to buy them on Amazon if you or someone you know needs some.

They're all natural, and drug free. Which is why I decided to give them a try. They are a little sour which is part of what helps I think, and they have essential oils in them.

They're definitely currently my favorite invention right now! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Well that was one long weekend. I don't remember praying for patience but we sure got a big dose of it this holiday weekend.
We got the call this morning that my HCG levels had gone up but not doubled like they were supposed to so we still weren't sure what that meant. We just had our second sonogram and we saw the heartbeat and the baby move, and it's definitely bigger than last time.
The doctor should call tomorrow and tell us what she sees but there was a whole lot of relief when that baby moved and the heartbeat was was beautiful!
Thank you to everyone who has been praying, your words were felt and kept us going through the wait.
Thank you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Might Be a Miscarriage

If you can't tell from the title this is where I'm sitting today. In the world of "might be a Miscarriage" but we don't know for sure. It's early and blood sometimes can just be blood. But when the doctor isn't very positive it's hard to be. And maybe if I felt good it would be different but yesterday was an easy day. I thought I was just having the worst sickness day yet but when we got home last night the sight of blood kind of knocked me over but this first time there has been blood and last time everything was fine. But we have to wait for blood test results and even a sonogram won't tell everything so we're waiting to do that too.

When we found out we we're pregnant a few weeks ago we decided we weren't going to tell the world until after the first trimester, but waiting is hard and after we saw that sonogram with the heartbeat we couldn't really hold it in anymore.

But as much fun as it is rejoicing with everyone, it is so much more important to have all those prayer warriors on our side when something doesn't go right. And right now something isn't right. And you can't pray for us if you don't know something is going on. So this long weekend we are living in a world of the unknown. A scary emotional world. But God is here, I can feel him.

So please if you're reading this pray for us and that however this turns out we won't lose sight of God and his presence. And if this is a Miscarriage that we will have the strength in this marriage to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. And if there still is a baby that we will make it through this healthy and safe.

Thank you, oh and keep the comments and thoughts to the minimal please I'm already emotional, sorries and advice aren't really what I'm after. Just prayers. Thanks.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Food and Pregnancy

So I know cravings are generally a thing during pregnancy and so are foods that you generally love making you nauseous. So I thought I would keep a list of both for this pregnancy and see how it goes.

Foods I love but now they make me nauseous:
1. Dr. Pepper
2. Special K Breakfast Sandwiches
3. Milk
4. Leftover Pork from Mother's Day
5. Italian Herb & Cheese Bread from Subway
6. Meat (all meat, any meat, the sight of meat, the smell of meat, the thought of meat) :(

1. Salad, French Fries, and Pretzel sticks from Applebees (all of this as one meal)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Year of Change!

Do you ever sit back and marvel at how much your life has changed in a year? I mean most of us do this sort of thing at the beginning of a new year, but do you ever do it randomly in the middle of the year?

Well this past year has been a year of complete change. Most of the time we get excited when we have ONE big life change in a year but several????? Whew sometimes that just seems crazy.

Well the reason this comes to mind today is that tomorrow will be one year since Adam proposed. So a year ago today, I was still praying for a ring!

In the past year!

May 14th - Adam proposed as we closed out the school year with our youth! It was incredibly magical and I couldn't have asked for it to be done any other way. You can read the whole story here.

We took engagement pictures in June (I think)
Photo Credit to On the Wall Photography

The summer was filled with Camp and Wedding Planning.

August 31st - I fell in love with a dog. Me, a dog, for real! This was the date we adopted Ranger. And today he is 10 months old! He stole my heart in a really big way.

The day we brought him home!

Ranger, about 2 weeks ago! He's so big!

November 22, We said I Do! It was beautiful

Then we started life together. By started I mean continued and even more so than before. Our first few months of marriage were intense and not always in a good way. But then things started to change again!

April 1st, we moved into a new house (our dream house!)

Ok we love all of this house. But check out the fridge & freezer. If we ever have to move I think I will miss these the most!

April 15th, Adam got a new job!

Praise the LORD!!! We have seen the light. :) Things are all smiles now!

Which is good since 

April 27th, 

We found out right at 5 weeks.

We told our parents on Mother's Day. It was so much fun surprising them.

Adam's mom's reaction!

My mom's reaction!

Then we had our first sonogram appointment yesterday and got to see the heartbeat. 

Our little Blueberry sized 7 week baby! :)

Then we decided Ranger could make the announcement!

Mommy and Daddy are getting me a human!

So ready or not the changes just keep coming. And of course they always will. It is exciting and scary. But I don't think I have ever felt this blessed. All of this and each day I am employed to do ministry. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this past year possible, these changes exciting and meaningful, and for just being here on this ride called life with our little expanding family! :)

One Happy Momma to be!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Norwex: Cleaning in a Whole New Way

This is a judgement free zone right? Ok good. Well I hate cleaning, if you know me very well you know this. I mean color coding and alphabetizing is fun but cleaning the kitchen after cooking.....No bueno. Vacuums....I have one somewhere.....as much as I hate cleaning I hate messes more. And messes slowly start to bug me until I can't handle it any more and I just clean it all.

Well I was recently was introduced to Norwex. And now I hate cleaning less, because now it's easier and chemical free.

Well I went to my second Norwex party tonight and the consultant showed a picture where she cleaned her cloth mini blinds with Norwex. So I couldn't wait to get home because the mini blinds in my bathroom are disgusting and they're the plastic ones. I'm not sure what sticky mess splattered these but they always gross me out. Norwex.....is my new favorite thing!

Check out these before and after pics!