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Friday, June 5, 2015

Hearing the Heartbeat

Yesterday I had my first OB appointment. I guess I should have done some asking or reading about it because from what I had been told this was just an appointment where they did lab work and an exam but nothing exciting. So when Adam asked if he needed to be there I told him no. I didn't figure blood work and peeing in a cup were worth him taking time off work.

Then the doctor brought in the Doppler machine and said lets see if we can find the heartbeat. Instantly I felt like the worst wife ever. I had no idea they did this at these appointments, and Adam wasn't there. I almost didn't have her do it just because he wasn't there but with all the craziness we have had a chance to be reassured that we still have a healthy baby growing seemed like something I couldn't pass up. I should have asked for my phone so I could record it but I wasn't thinking all of that through at the moment.

It took her awhile but she found it. That beautiful fast paced heartbeat. That had to be one of the best sounds I have ever heard, especially with the stress of things and how icky I have been feeling. It was like oh yeah I'm not just sick, I'M PREGNANT! The sonograms are amazing but this early they have to tell you exactly which blob is the baby and point it out, but that sound was so distinctly different that it was obviously the baby.

When Adam got home he was quite pouty for awhile. I found a video on YouTube that sounded just like it and he wouldn't listen to it because it wasn't our baby. :(

So exciting news! I heard the heartbeat! Sad news, Adam didn't!

The best news, we have a healthy heartbeat which means a healthy baby! Hopefully Adam will be able to go next time....or maybe I can record it for him.