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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:12

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pulling the Splinter - Notes from the Sermon 10/16/16

Pulling the Splinter
Matthew 18:15-20
Pastor Keith Schadel

2 ways to read this passage:

  1. If your brother or a member of the church sins against you....
  2. If your brother or a member of the church sins.....
Sin, that, that gets in the way of a right relationship with God. 

If someone sins against you, as part of the family of faith, how are you supposed to deal with that?

Often what we call Christian community is Pseudo Christian Community.
    It's pretense: everyone is nice. This chapter of scripture is Jesus' assault on Pseudo Community.

People don't like to take splinters out because they hurt. But you can die from the infection of a splinter. You have to take the splinter out.

Jesus is saying you can't overlook these things, you have to deal with them.

Sometimes there is conflict in the church, it's painful, it causes deep wounds, it's real. We would rather ignore it, than acknowledge it. Christ says, love each other enough to deal with it. Don't let the body die because of a splinter.

Sometimes a splinter causes people to leave the playing field, we are called to go and invite them back in.

Binding and Loosing!
  • Pharisees had legal jobs.
    • Maximum sentence - Binding
    • Minimum sentence - Partial Binding
    • Suspending the Sentence - Loosing
  • Heaven will back the body of Christ in their binding and loosing of those who have sinned against them.
  • Reconciling Believers
    • Go one on one
    • Then go get 2 or 3 witnesses (Small jury in the judges chambers)
    • Then bring the body of believers
    • Then treat them like a gentile.
      • Come to them with grace and forgiveness as Christ did.
  • If someone leaves the family and at any time shows an interest in returning....you let them back with grace and love.
Where two or three are gathered Christ will be there too. In good times and times of conflict, this is true. Christ spent a day on the cross dealing with conflict. Christ is the tie that binds.

Spotting the Counterfeit - Notes from the Sermon 10/9/16

Spotting the Counterfeit
2 Peter 2:1
Pastor Keith Schadel

What does scripture mean by false teachers?

Ultimate truth has been revealed. - Jesus said, "I am the truth."

1st Doctrinal Statement of the UMC: We believe in the scriptures as revealed in the Old and New Testament.

The basis on which I understand false teaching is scripture.

Anything that leads us into right relationship with God is right teaching.

Anything that separates us from right relationship with God is false teaching.
            Anyone who consistently does this is a false teacher.

There are many false teachers in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

7 Points:
1. What's the source of the teaching?
     False teaching: Teaching something as truth that is counter to the Bible.
2. Is this a different message?
3. Where does the message lead you in relationship to sin.
     Christ was made sin so we could be freed. What kind of character does the message bring us to? I        can do nothing in myself but I am amazed at what Christ can do in and through me. Our                      brokenness is greater than what we can fix.
4. What character does it build in you?
5. Where is our appeal? Is scripture the source to which you appeal to or something else?
6. What fruit does the message produce?
7. What is the endgame?
     Do you know how many people we would have here if we had a strong children's program?
     We need a strong children't program because of how impressionable and precious our children are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Conversion - Notes from the Sermon October 2, 2016

Acts 10:25-35
Pastor Keith Schadel

If I was born in a different culture what would my faith system be?
     The short answer is: I'm not sure, it depends on where you were born.

Cultural Determinism (Sociology Term) - You will be what your culture is.

Canned Octopus (funny thing Keith bought for fishing, that appeared in the sermon)

We have freedom of choice.

From the Scripture:
Cornelius was raised in a religious culture that was Polytheistic. In this scripture he was responding to God in the best way he knew how. Peter presents Cornelius the story of the Gospel. He heard, believed, and was baptized.

You are born into a culture that is not of God, no matter where you are born. No one is born connected to God, all are separated from God. We have to be born again in order to see the culture of the Spirit.

There is enough evidence of God, that everyone is responsible for their response to that evidence.

Salvation comes from your acceptance of Jesus.

Cornelius responded to God the best way he knew how. So do Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans, and all other religions.

God prepares their hearts to hear the Gospel.

Then they have a choice to receive or reject the Gospel.

Christianity is the only religion that says we NEED a savior.