We live in a world of sin and imperfection. I am a child of God striving each day to live out my calling. Welcome to my blog where you get the inside scoop of this Child of God's life!
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:12

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gold Star Day

When you are a child and you do certain tasks you often get a sticker or some sort of prize. But for some reason we forget to give ourselves this kind of encouragement and grace when we are adults. Yesterday I had what I call a gold star day, and I'm still proud of myself this morning, because I also started today off in the gold star direction.

This is why yesterday was a gold star day:
1. I had a stressful morning at work and I didn't lose control!
2. I successfully went grocery shopping with the baby!
3. I got all of the groceries put away with the baby around!
4. I made dinner!
5. I cleaned up from dinner!
6. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.
7. I did laundry
8. I didn't have to restart the washer because I forgot about the clothes.
9. I spent time with my husband and baby!
10. I made cookies
11. I cleaned up from the cookies.
12. I got the coffee ready for this morning.
13. I didn't drink any pop.

Now most people would look at this list and think yeah good job you were successfully an adult today. And its true I didn't do anything extraordinary yesterday. But my house was not a disaster when I woke up this morning. That is a big deal. I hate housework. The whole Mary and Martha story I would much rather sit at the feet of Jesus than do any household chores. I always make sure the laundry is done, but the rest often just stresses me out. Even grocery shopping is something I hate doing. So when I accomplish a lot of the things that I hate doing and am not stressed out, I feel like I should get a gold star! Or some kind of reward!

The real reward though, was the fact that I just had to push a button for coffee this morning. I was able to sit in my clean living room and do a devotion and relax before Adah got up. (I should have added I got up before the baby started crying to that list...). I was able to go to sleep last night not disgusted with myself for leaving the kitchen a disaster again. I will be able to make dinner tonight without first cleaning the kitchen.

I don't know why days like this are a big deal, they really should be the norm. But there are so many days that after working and taking care of my baby I don't feel like doing anything from the above list.

So today as I sit here proud of myself for adulting well yesterday and hoping I will do so today as well. I can't help but laugh at myself too. We can't forget to give ourselves a little grace. Jesus didn't require a perfect house when He came to visit, so on the days when I'm utterly exhausted I can lay down at the feet of Jesus and not feel guilty for the mess in the kitchen!

Don't forget to give yourself grace today, it is a way better reward than a gold star!