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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Word of God for the People of God

Thanks be to God!

A year or so ago I started texting my high school youth each morning I'm in the office a scripture. I was way better at remembering to do it then but I still try to do it every day, and sometimes they get it really late in the day. The youth have told me multiple times that whatever scripture I sent was exactly what they needed to hear.

When I started I would just randomly open the Bible and find something that seemed right and send that. This year I have been using this as my own devotion time as well. So I am currently reading through Proverbs, we finished Psalms last semester.

The way I go about it, is I start reading where we left off yesterday and then I read until a scripture is flagged in my mind that they need to hear that day. Sometimes it is something that a certain student comes to mind and I know I need to send it, sometimes it is just really good advice (most of Proverbs is) and sometimes it is something that I need to hear and can't get off my mind so I share it.

That is what today's scripture did, it was something I couldn't get off my mind even as I read past it.

"When calamity comes, the wicked are brought down, but even in death the righteous seek refuge in God." - Proverbs 14:32

It is always fun to talk about calamity and death in the morning but there was just something about this little verse that I couldn't get my mind off of.

How do I react when calamity attacks my life? I would like to think that I react like the righteous and will seek refuge in God all the way to death. But if I am truly honest with myself I know that there are times that reaching out to God is closer to the last thing I do than the first. That is hard to admit since my life revolves around ministry, God, and scripture.

Sometimes though it seems easier to talk to someone who will text back or answer my phone call rather than say another prayer that I have to wait patiently to get a response. And sometimes it is easier to fall apart than to open the Bible and seek God's wisdom. And sometimes I can't see past the tears in my eyes or the sadness in my heart to look to where God is in the situation.

But why is that? Why am I willing to fall apart rather than run to the arms of my creator? Why am I willing to drown in my heartache rather than open the book that has the words my heart so desperately needs?

I don't really have answer I just know I'm feeling convicted today. 

Where do you find yourself turning when calamity rears its ugly head?

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