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Saturday, April 16, 2016

What Did You Eat?

This is a question that has haunted me for almost four months now. Why? Because I have an incredibly gassy baby, and since I'm nursing everyone assumes it's something I ate. What people don't realize is, that question is a huge confidence killer, and new mom's need all the confidence they can get. Here I've been silently feeling like the worst mom ever because I can't figure out what I ate or drank that is causing my baby to scream out with gas pains at the most random moments.

I have read every article out there on what you eat while breastfeeding and the majority of them say that gassiness is not directly affected by mom's diet. So I would then reassure myself it's not me and she is gaining weight and otherwise healthy so don't worry about it. Until someone much wiser than me says those lovely words, "Well, what did you eat?" Knife to my fragile heart as I scramble to defend myself all the while second guessing everything I have ingested in the past twenty four hours while trying to calm my fussy baby down.

Well the last couple weeks have been worse while she cut her first two teeth. The last two nights had me seriously wondering what I'm doing wrong, as she has woken up twice both nights screaming in pain. Then today Nicole was feeling around her gums making sure there weren't anymore teeth coming in and discovers my sweet baby is lip tied.

So tonight I looked up the symptoms of a lip tied baby...
They include....
-excessive gas and reflux
-coughing, choking, and noise while eating
-feeds that last for extremely long times
-making a mess while eating
-frequent short feeds
-baby falling asleep while eating and then waking up shortly after still hungry

Then I watched this video: https://youtu.be/XZae0tz8RPE

Then I sat here dumbfounded as she spit up all over me again while trying to pass gas....

It really isn't my fault! It really isn't my fault. Oh my gosh it really isn't my fault. My poor baby, why has nobody looked for this before? No wonder we're tired and go through gripe water like crazy and I do laundry for burp rags and bibs. This explains why you often soak my undershirts when you eat....my sweet beautiful baby, no wonder you're miserable, you're lip tied. It's not what mommy did or didn't eat it's that tiny piece of skin in your mouth. Oh my, oh my...

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