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Monday, January 30, 2017

Thanks For the Reminder, Adah!

Dear Adah,
 Last night you didn't want to sleep. At all. I had youth group in Derby so you stayed home with Daddy. When I left you were napping, when I got home you were awake. You typically go to bed at 6;30pm this sounds miraculous to most people until they realize that you are again awake between 9 & 10 to nurse, and 1 & 2, and 4 & 5, and then you are awake around 6:30am. So last night when I got home at 10pm and heard you giggling in our bedroom with Daddy I knew it was going to be a long night. I went and grabbed you to see if I could nurse you back to sleep, since Daddy had tried to get you to go back to bed and it hadn't worked. Well I tried......

After all of these shenanigans I had to just put you in your crib and walk away at 11pm. You screamed for a minute and then you were out. Silly child of mine, I wish I understood you. I prayed that you would miraculously sleep until it was time to get up. But alas 1am came with your bloodcurdling screams. I went and nursed you like normal but then you thought it was time to play again, so back to your bed you went and you screamed yourself to sleep. Then we repeated this charade at 4am.

You ended up sleeping until 7:40am and I found myself wishing I had known so I could have slept in as well. You so unpredictable, you definitely keep me on my toes. I heard you moving and looked at the monitor and got up to go get you ready for you day at Grandma's. And this is how I found you....

Through all of this I couldn't help but laugh at you, I wanted to sleep so badly, I've been incredibly exhausted lately but watching your little face so full of life snapped me out of my sleepy trance and into the blessed life we live. I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me that life is about more than getting things done, and getting enough rest, but finding the joy of God's grace in all the little moments, even if it is 4 in the morning!!! :)

I love you sweet pea! Never stop reminding me, please, and thank you! Although you can sleep tonight, that would be great!!! :)


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