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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reasons I Don't Take Time Off of Work

I don't know how many times in the past couple of months people have told me to take time off, or take a vacation. Well I finally listened and took a full 7 days off for Christmas break. I now remember why I don't take that much time off, or time off period.

1. When I stop, I get sick. (it hit Saturday night, still hangin on)
2. Motivation is hard to find normally let alone after being gone.
3. My to do list just gets longer.
And this is just what I had written down before I left, it doesn't include everything I have thought of to add.

4. My brain quits working. (I just struggled to find Colossians in the Bible.)
5. This is what my desk looks like after time off.

6. I may need a mental health day after being gone so long :P

I think I will go back to a day off not vacation....lol

1 comment:

Breenah said...

Next time you take a vacation I'll bring you lunch, haha! I hope you had fun other than being sick though!