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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love Always Wins

A couple of weeks ago my parent's celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. In today's world that is something to be proud of. I have been thinking a lot about love and weddings recently, it tends to happen when you are my age and most of the people you know are getting married, including my own brother! :) A lot of girls my age would look at all of their classmates getting married and be jealous or feel lonely and then the idea that a younger sibling is getting married first is often too much and makes a girl feel worthless, but not me. It is going to take someone very special to move me into the married world!

I have had an incredible example of what love really is. I grew up with parents that lived a Christian Marriage the way it is meant to be lived. They have set the bar and then taught me to never settle for less than that.

The things I have learned from my parents!
  1. God always comes first, without God in the relationship it doesn't work.
  2. Church is vitally important. It is important for a family to worship together, learn together, and serve together.
  3. Marriage is a partnership, you can't hold yourself above your partner. Their needs & dreams are just as important as your own. 
  4. This partnership also means that decisions are made together.
  5. My dad has always been the man of the house, but he never let that go to his head, my mother's thoughts and opinions were just as important as his, if they had to he had the final say, but I can't remember a time they didn't agree.
  6. Spouses should be each other's best friends. Too many couples don't really like each other, if you can't be satisfied with only your spouse's company during a snow storm then something isn't right.
  7. NEVER talk bad about you spouse to anyone. Don't call them names or belittle them in public or even to your closest friends.
  8. NEVER go to bed angry.
  9. NEVER fight in front of the children or anyone for that matter.
  10. Shared checking account is another way to solidify the partnership, what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours.
  11. Your spouse's family is now your family too. There has never been a big deal about "in laws" we are all just one big happy family.
  12. Support each other's hobbies. My dad loves to hunt and my mom loves to decorate, so the deer heads hang on the wall, and my mom decorates them for each holiday! My mom also lets my dad buy whatever tools he wants, and she gets a new camera whenever she wears her's out! :P
  13. Couples should be able to tease each other and have fun together. Each couple's version of fun is their own, but there should be a relaxed calmness about spending time together.
  14. ...There are many more things I have learned, they just aren't coming to mind at the moment!
My parents really love each other, they are each other's best friends and they honestly enjoy every moment they are together. My parents often match each other when they get dressed in the morning, its cute! I just love discovering each way they really complete each other! 

My father has set the bar pretty high on what a Mann, and a man, should be like! I refuse to settle for anything less. So as I watch friends and family get married I always look at the relationship and take mental notes. I see my brother and his Fiance and I'm not jealous of what they have, that is just the kind of love I'm looking for. 

I know God has created a special man for me, and wherever he is, I pray for him, a lot. Life is hard, and it is not meant to do alone, so I pray that he isn't alone wherever he is, I pray he has a family that loves and supports him like mine does me. If he doesn't I pray that he can feel the prayers for him and know that he is not alone.

There is no clock, or time schedule on matters of the heart. My sophomore year of college I gave God the reigns to my heart in all ways. I was tired of being hurt by guys and just gave up control. God has a plan for each of our hearts, and even if he has called me to a life of solitude I know that I am never alone, because whatever life throws at me love can handle. Love from family, friends and most of all the love from God above! 

So for anyone who thinks I'm running out of time, or that I'm missing out on something just know I'm not afraid of being single, I mean I am learning a lot about myself. I look forward to the day that I can put into practice all the things my parents have taught me about being in a partnership for life, and God is controlling this heart of mine! Love always wins when love controls the heart and soul. God is love, love always wins!

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Breenah said...

Sounds like you're pretty well prepared for marriage. Your future husband better watch out, haha! Hopefully he'll be on the same page to begin with, though :)