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Monday, September 12, 2016

Angels and Demons - Notes from the Sermon 9/11/16

Angels and Demons
Sermon Scripture: Hebrews 1
Pastor Keith Schadel

Angels are not Jesus, we don't worship them.

Ten Questions and Answers on Angels!

1. Do people become angels?

  • No, there are humans in Heaven and Angels. They're not the same thing. People do not become angels.
2. What are angels?
  • The Hebrew and Greek word that gets translated to angel means Messenger.
  • Spirit Beings.
3. Do angels have bodies like humans?
  • No, Jesus said Spirit is not flesh and blood.
  • Sometimes they take on forms.
  • They can appear as humans, most of the time they're invisible.
  • Under normal circumstances we don't see them.
4. What do they look like?
  • Sometimes humans, usually male.
  • Crazy looking creatures
  • Seraphs
5. Do angels have wings?
  • They do in pictures, but those pictures are not photographs.
  • Seraphs do.
  • They can fly, but that does not necessarily mean they have wings.
6. How do angels compare to humans?
  • Angels are stronger, they can move things we can't.
  • Angels know things we cannot know.
  • Angels are more mobile than we are, they can go places and speak things we cannot.
  • They cannot reproduce.
  • They are not as strong, mobile, and all knowing as God.
7. Where do angels come from?
  • They're created
  • They predate humans, but not God.
8. Are all angels good?
  • Not in the sense we know the word good.
  • Romans 8
  • They have freewill like humans do - Some have rebelled against God, we call them Demons.
  • They have a hierarchy
  • Michael is the archangel - head angel
  • Satan is Michael's counterpart - head demon
    • He is not God's counterpart, nothing is equal to God.
  • There is a war between angels and demons - spiritual warfare.
    • When we put our trust in Jesus, He keeps us safe from this warfare.
9. What is the purpose of angels?
  • Praise God unceasingly
  • Serve Humans
  • Guidance
  • Many wonderful tasks
  • Newsbearers - Heralds
10. How many are there?
  • Too many to count!

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