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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Praise the Lord - Notes from Sermon 9/4/16

Praise the Lord
Pastor Keith Schadel
Sermon Scripture: Psalm 148:1-3

Why don't you raise your hands when you sing?
     God is not subject to your posture, so raise your hands if you want to, or don't it's up to you, you will not stifle the Spirit either way.

Why do we pray for God? Do we pray for God?

  • If we are supposed to praise God is it not praying for God?
  • Why do we praise God? If it's not for God then what is it for?
    • God does not need anything from us!
    • God is not subject to us, we are subject to God
    • God does not need our praise.
    • God does not need our fellowship, he desires it.
    • God's love is selfless and in order for it to be expressed we were created.
  • When God says for us to praise Him, it's for our benefit
  • Only God is good.
    • When we praise God it puts into perspective for us, God's goodness and things eternal. The really real.
  • If the only healing you are praying for is for the body, "None of us are getting out of here alive."
  • When we praise God we get to know God better.
  • Part of our job when we witness is to introduce people to God. How do we do that if we don't know anything about God.
  • The more we know about God. The more we want to know.
  • God said, "Let's make man in our image." How can we grow into the image of God if we know nothing about God.
  • The more we know about the image of God, the more we understand God's will for us.
  • How do we get to know God?
    • Study Scripture
    • Study the stories of other's relationships with God.
    • There are people in this church you can learn from, by learning their story.
    • Prayer.
      • If you include praise into every prayer you will gain a deeper understanding of God.
  • All of creation is meant to praise God.

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