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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Polymorphic Light Eruption

Polymorphic Light Eruption - three crazy words that have completely changed my life. What is this you may be wondering? An allergy to UV rays....which means an allergy to the sun.

My body has this weird ability to become allergic to things. Growing up it has always been antibiotics one time they work and the next time I'm allergic to it. Then after 9 and half summers of being a lifeguard and spending a lot of time outside I started breaking out with a new rash. After a few doctor visits and some research it became clear that Polymorphic Light Eruption was my newest medical issue.

It has been interesting to learn how to live with this, there is no pill to take or easy way out of this. I break out through sunscreen so the only way to prevent this from happening is either to not go outside or to be completely covered up when I do go outside. My dermatologist gave me a steroid cream to use when I do have break outs, but I'm not sure I trust it if I were to have a large breakout, so covering up it is.  We found these awesome clothes that are really light and they block UV Rays. They are much nicer than having to wear normal long sleeves or jackets because they are so much lighter. This also means that I wear jeans all the time. So it gets incredibly hot. Every time I do go outside people are like, aren't you hot? Are you cold? The answer is, YES I'M HOT....no I'm not COLD....its summer!!!!!! Of course I would rather be swimming and chilling by the pool in shorts and a tank top, but I would rather be hot than dealing with the ridiculous itchy rash that is the alternative.

This is what a normal break out looks like for me.

Coolibar is the brand of clothing that is amazing! 

My current list of allergies:
Pretty much all antibiotics
The Sun (added Summer 2012)
Fresh Pineapple
Fresh Peaches (added Summer 2013)
Blackberries (added December 23, 2013)
All Melons


Breenah said...

Be careful with putting your list of allergies out there, someone may throw you in a fruit salad to disable you.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting , I sure its a pain especially with this heat. I hope I have never made you fill bad. You have always dealt with this so humbly as you have with everything else. Your in my thoughts in prayers.