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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:12

Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to My Brain!

My brain is reeling right now with a million, ok maybe not that many, different things that are going on. Most of them are work related. Welcome to my brain!

  1. Trunk 'n Treat
    1. Put banner out
    2. Make Fliers
    3. Get fliers to the school
    4. Find everything from last year
    5. Get someone to take pictures
    6. Get someone to pick up the pop corn machine
    7. Condiments
    8. All the papers and stuff
    9. Kids' trunks.....
    10. Face Painting
    11. MC
    12. Are people going to show up to help?
    13. Can I really be gone on Friday?
    14. .......
  2. Wednesday night
    1. I haven't gotten anything ready for this week.
    2. We should send fliers home for trunk 'n treat
    3. High School needs a lesson this week.
  3. Mission Stuff
    1. I'm behind on all things mission related this week
    2. the turkey needs more feathers
    3. the coat box needs found
  4. Should I vote for books for bookclub next year or should I just resign, since I have only been like 3 times this year?
  5. DCYM Stuff
    1. Why did I volunteer for that again?
    2. Trip to Nebraska
    3. November 3 date
  6. I wish I had some help at work.....I feel like there are a ton of little details that slip through the cracks because I'm juggling so many big ones.
  7. Why am I so overwhelmed today?
  8. I need to be advertising for the one event
  9. I need to get the kids excited about our Camp Horizon Trip next month
  10. I wonder where Daric & Shayna are on their cruise.
  11. I have a boyfriend! - It's been a week, why is that thought still going through my head with such surprise?
  12. I wish I could just curl up on my couch and watch TV tonight.
  13. Should I skip the meeting I have tonight and go to all of the JV game, or do both?
  14. Do people even read my emails?
  15. I'm really behind on my thank you notes.
  16. Sunday School....I should probably figure something out there.
  17. I need to go through my emails.
  18. I really want to eat the candy that is hanging out in my office. 
  19. I need caffeine.
  20. ARKALALAH is this weekend! I missed last year, I'm so excited to go.
  21. Dad's birthday is on Sunday.
  22. Christmas Program
    1. Need to schedule stuff for this.
  23. hmmm....I should probably start working through this insane list so that it can stop being so long.


Breenah A said...

Maybe the HS lesson could be something about helpfullness and they can help you with T or T?

Breenah A said...

ALso, I like how you listed this out :)