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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Great Grandma's are GREAT!!!! :)

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!

Today is this beautiful woman's 88th birthday!!! I have been blessed to know her for 25 of those years. I am also incredibly blessed to be 25 and still have my great grandmother here. I called her on her cell phone this morning and talked to her. She is going to get her hair cut and go to dinner with one of her daughters. What a great way to celebrate 88 years of life.

Here are some photos from my life that include this amazing woman. By the way the font is so large in case she ever wants to try to read this! :P

Here are a few of the things I have learned from Grandma over the years or a few of my favorite memories.

1. How to cook. She is an incredible cook. Fried Chicken, Homemade Noodles, Macaroni and Cheese...and a whole lot more.

2. I have decided the reason microwaves beep to remind you that your food is prepared is because of her. I don't know how many family meals we would go to heat up leftovers and the corn would still be in the microwave :)

3. I love her stories about her childhood. And how amazed she always is by the technology that has developed in her lifetime. She remembers a time before the radio and I called her this morning on her cell phone!

4. My favorite New Year's Eve of all time I spent with her, just the two of us watching I Love Lucy reruns until we fell asleep in our chairs, long before midnight.

5. I love playing games with grandma, as kids we would play things like Monopoly at the bar in her house, and of course card games are a necessity in our family.

6. I remember sitting next to Grandma at church while my grandparents sang in the choir, I remember being overwhelmed by the different church tradition, but she was always comforting and willing to explain.

7. I remember coming into her home and finding both her and grandpa reading the Bible during their morning times of devotion.

8. She was incredibly devoted to my grandpa when he was alive. Her world really revolved around him, I remember wondering what she would do when he was gone. He has been gone 9 years and she is still busy and going strong.

9. I learned that its ok to drive over the speed limit with Grandma in the car because she will lie and get me out of a ticket when the highway patrol pulls me over! :P

10. I learned not to take my eyes off of her when we go out because she might disappear when you turn around, and its kind of scary looking for your lost grandma, especially in a place like a casino! ;)

11. I learned when she takes you shopping that you have to pick something no matter what, because she gets sad when she can't buy you something.

12. I learned that if it is your "birthday" at a restaurant they will sing to you and bring you cake...even if it really isn't.

13. She always says anytime we go somewhere that she never thought she would live to see one of her Great Grandkids drive her in a car.

14. She has been at everything possible my whole life. Family is a huge priority and she makes sure we all feel special.

15. It never fails when my food supply is low there is a care package waiting for me from Grandma. She does her best to remember our favorites, our allergies, and to make sure we have a variety of necessities. Anywhere from Toilet Paper to Mac & Cheese.

16. Over the years we have taken many pictures together. I only have a few on my computer. I'm wishing now I had scanned the one from the photo booth at Jarin's Wedding where we were being incredibly silly.

17. Grandma's eyesight is failing her and at times it is scary and others it is quite hilarious. Most recently she mistaken-ed my brother for my boyfriend and it was very humorous.

There are many more things I could include in this but for the sake of the size of the post I will leave it with this random number of 17. If you happen to see this lovely lady today make sure you tell her Happy Birthday.

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