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Monday, January 25, 2016

Gifts for New Parents

I've never really known what to take to a baby shower or to a new family when I go to meet the baby. I knew diapers were what my mother always suggested, but those are boring. Well, I have successfully kept my child alive for a whole month and I have a list of things that are amazing. So if you're like I used to be and don't know what to give new parents check this list out before you're next adventure to a baby shower!

1. Diapers, seriously they may be the most boring gift in the world to open, but for new parents they're like cash. And they disappear about as fast too. So far we love Pampers, Luvs, & Huggies. Parent's Choice Diapers were not our friend. Along with diapers don't forget the wipes, they go crazy fast too.

2. Food! Food, glorious food! I'm not kidding anyone who provided us with food is my favorite. Especially if they cooked it for us, or checked to make sure my picky husband would eat it. Not having to cook or plan what to cook or shop for any amount of meals is the best, especially after a c-section.

3. Snacks! This may seem like it should be with food but it's totally separate. I currently have the appetite and metabolism of a teenage boy. So snack foods are my best friend right now. I have them stashed all over the house so they're in easy reach whenever I need them.

4. Caffeine! I find myself sitting here nursing my beautiful bundle of joy, wishing Sonic delivered. Or even that my coffee pot delivered from the kitchen to the living room. I wish Ranger could pour coffee and bring it to me. (Don't judge me for drinking caffeine and nursing my baby, it doesn't phase her).

5. A cleaning lady! Or a dishes fairy would be nice too. Enough said, I hate doing dishes.

6. Burp Rags! We probably have fifteen, and sometimes they're all dirty, and I do laundry all the time. And my favorite ones are actually old school cloth diapers, they're the most flexible and easy to move around when she decides to project milk all over, and they're large enough to cover your whole chest so when she moves at the last second you aren't left wearing her lunch. I also love the cute ones, we use them all.

7. Diaper Rash Cream! We didn't think about needing it until we needed it, thankfully we had one of every kind that had been gifted to us. We use it a lot and mix up the different kinds.

8. Gripe Water! And anything else you loved when your baby had gas. Another thing you don't know you need until the middle of the night when you need it and when you don't live in the same town as Wal-Mart, it makes for a very long night.

9. Nursing Pads! I didn't know I needed these, but they are an absolute necessity, and they aren't very cheap.

10. Candy! I've seriously been craving candy, and my Christmas supply has long been depleted.

11. Netflix! If they don't have it, get it for them and pay for six months or so. Show marathon's are my thing right now, it's almost like adult conversation!

12. Anything you loved or needed as an new parent. If you loved it, or a parent you know loved it then the new family probably will too. Like the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play. No one told us about this beautiful invention, and after struggling for almost two weeks we bought one and she slept like a queen, then we posted about it on Facebook and every parent I know talked about how it was a lifesaver for their kid too. My exhausted mind wanted to scream where were you all last week? Seriously it was the best $50 we've spent, that we didn't know we needed to spend.

13. Clothes, hand me downs, sale items, or the cutest thing you've ever seen, it doesn't matter clothes get expensive. And when we didn't know for sure we were expecting a girl we didn't get a ton of clothes at the baby showers, so the clothes we have gotten since are nice. All sizes, but definitely weather appropriate for age. Long sleeve onesies are almost impossible to find, and we forgot to buy pants until after she was born, fuzzy sleepers are the best thing ever, I don't even care that she will be wearing Christmas until Easter!

14. Dog attention! Please come walk my one and half year old, sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy and I feel guilty that he gets ignored so much. This is the perfect gift from the person not so excited about seeing or holding the baby, come walk the dog, I will be as grateful as if you came over and watched her so I could nap, the dog out of my hair for a few minutes is gold.

15. Gift Cards! If all else fails, gift cards. Especially to Target and Wal-Mart. You can upload them onto the app for your phone, so when you remember that you have no socks for your child you can order them in the middle of the night when you're bored trying to get your sweet child to sleep. Food gift cards are great too, that way we can get out of the house without breaking the bank!

16. Oh and stamps! For all the thank you cards, bills or anything else. Stamps are a must!

I think that's the majority of the things! Thank you to everyone who has spoiled us this past month. I don't know how we would have survived without you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darci and Adam..she is a doll! I am living away in another state. I did not know you were expecting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darci and Adam..she is a doll! I am living away in another state. I did not know you were expecting.