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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Norwex For the Win!

Today I'm super thankful for Norwex. I hate cleaning, I really do. If we had the money I would pay someone else to do it all for me. The only thing I like to do is laundry. I was really hoping that when the mom switch flipped on it would be more enjoyable, no I just actually do it now.

So today I'm thankful for Norwex, this beautiful chemical free product that makes cleaning possible in my life because it makes it easy. I don't have to scrub, dog hair actually comes off the floor, and poop comes out of clothes.

That's right, poop comes out of clothes. Yesterday we had a rough morning. Adah ended up in her third outfit around lunch time because of spit up and two explosive diapers. The 2nd diaper was a complete disaster, she had that sleeper on for about twenty minutes, she was enjoying tummy time and then it was all up her tummy, it was gross. After I changed her I took that cute sleeper she had barely worn once, with its little Froggy feet and sprayed it a ton with spray and wash and let it sit so it was in there good. When I pulled it out of the washer this morning, it was still stained, it was as I hadn't done anything.

Then I remembered I had Norwex laundry supplies. I put the stain remover on and then filed the sink with warm water and half a scoop of Norwex laundry detergent. It soaked for twenty minutes and looks as good as new. See if I forget about my Norwex again.

How do mommies do it without Norwex? I don't even want to know. I think I would just live in a dump if I didn't have Norwex.

I love just adding water!

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