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Saturday, January 9, 2016

My New Alarm Clock

Oh what to write?? That is the question. It is a beautiful Saturday at least from the looking out the windows. I'm not even sure where to begin. Normally on Saturdays I like to stay in bed as long as possible catching up on sleep and snuggling up with my husband, but not today, today I was up early or closer to up all night. Sleep is something that comes in small doses these days. There is a new alarm clock in our house. I could take the time right now to write a review of 2015 as I normally do when a new year begins, I could write about being pregnant and all the things that my life consisted of the last year, the aches and pains, and heartburn filled nights, the fear and uncertainty that plagued my mind. But I think this year I would rather talk about the new alarm clock I got for Christmas this year! She is the best gift I have ever been blessed with, even though I'm still trying to figure out all the settings and how to get her not go off every couple of hours, she's definitely my favorite gift!

Christmas was a little different this year, because on Christmas Day we came home with our little bundle of joy, Adah Grace. Adam and I decided early on that we weren't buying gifts for each other this year, because our baby would be gift enough, and we were definitely right.

On Tuesday before Christmas we packed up early and left the house to be at the hospital at 5am for induction. Around 3 in the afternoon they broke my water, and I seriously watched my belly deflate. Around 3 in the morning the epidural went in and around 6 we made the decision to go back for a c-section. The furthest we ever dialated was a 5, in over twenty four hours we were only half way there. I was an exhausted emotional mess by the time we made the c-section decision. Needless to say labor and delivery were not anywhere near what I had in mind, but there was just too much fluid for her to be able to get down and get things moving along.

I cried the moment I heard her cry the first time, I laughed a little when they told us we had a big healthy girl, and I freaked out a little when Adam left with her and I was alone. I had a lot of bleeding so it took quite awhile for them to close me up, and during that time I started shaking, I didn't know it was a normal hormonal response to everything, so I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something. They should have someone in the wings ready to take the husband's place when he leaves with the baby, because being awake and alone in the surgery room is kind of scary, thankfully the anesthesiologist was very in tune to me and he talked me through it.

We were in the hospital until about noon on Christmas Day. This was for my recovery not hers, walking after a c-section is brutal. My dad made a full blown Christmas dinner for us and Adam's family came up to join us. It was a long exhausting day which ended with an emotional collapse on my part and we slept in the living room.

The further we get from those days the more of a blur they are. We had only family visit in the hospital but once we were home, friends and youth members started showing up.

So yeah, I got an alarm clock for Christmas, a beautiful unpredictable alarm clock. One that people can't wait to see, she grows like a weed, and often won't let me sleep at all. I take her everywhere with me and love to show her off. This little alarm clock that looks equally like me and Adam. This alarm clock has captured my heart and changed my life forever.

Adah Grace Utt, the best Christmas present ever!

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Breenah A said...

She is so cute! I'm glad that for the most part everything went well and easy and I'm glad you're both healthy!