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Monday, May 18, 2015

Food and Pregnancy

So I know cravings are generally a thing during pregnancy and so are foods that you generally love making you nauseous. So I thought I would keep a list of both for this pregnancy and see how it goes.

Foods I love but now they make me nauseous:
1. Dr. Pepper
2. Special K Breakfast Sandwiches
3. Milk
4. Leftover Pork from Mother's Day
5. Italian Herb & Cheese Bread from Subway
6. Meat (all meat, any meat, the sight of meat, the smell of meat, the thought of meat) :(

1. Salad, French Fries, and Pretzel sticks from Applebees (all of this as one meal)

1 comment:

Breenah A said...

Leftovers were the worst for me. Especially if Jarrod forgot to clean out his lunchbox the night before. I also couldn't do yogurt or anything with that texture, or lack thereof.