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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Might Be a Miscarriage

If you can't tell from the title this is where I'm sitting today. In the world of "might be a Miscarriage" but we don't know for sure. It's early and blood sometimes can just be blood. But when the doctor isn't very positive it's hard to be. And maybe if I felt good it would be different but yesterday was an easy day. I thought I was just having the worst sickness day yet but when we got home last night the sight of blood kind of knocked me over but this first time there has been blood and last time everything was fine. But we have to wait for blood test results and even a sonogram won't tell everything so we're waiting to do that too.

When we found out we we're pregnant a few weeks ago we decided we weren't going to tell the world until after the first trimester, but waiting is hard and after we saw that sonogram with the heartbeat we couldn't really hold it in anymore.

But as much fun as it is rejoicing with everyone, it is so much more important to have all those prayer warriors on our side when something doesn't go right. And right now something isn't right. And you can't pray for us if you don't know something is going on. So this long weekend we are living in a world of the unknown. A scary emotional world. But God is here, I can feel him.

So please if you're reading this pray for us and that however this turns out we won't lose sight of God and his presence. And if this is a Miscarriage that we will have the strength in this marriage to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. And if there still is a baby that we will make it through this healthy and safe.

Thank you, oh and keep the comments and thoughts to the minimal please I'm already emotional, sorries and advice aren't really what I'm after. Just prayers. Thanks.


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Breenah A said...

If you need absolutely anything, you know how to reach me. We'll most definitely be praying.