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Friday, May 8, 2015

Norwex: Cleaning in a Whole New Way

This is a judgement free zone right? Ok good. Well I hate cleaning, if you know me very well you know this. I mean color coding and alphabetizing is fun but cleaning the kitchen after cooking.....No bueno. Vacuums....I have one somewhere.....as much as I hate cleaning I hate messes more. And messes slowly start to bug me until I can't handle it any more and I just clean it all.

Well I was recently was introduced to Norwex. And now I hate cleaning less, because now it's easier and chemical free.

Well I went to my second Norwex party tonight and the consultant showed a picture where she cleaned her cloth mini blinds with Norwex. So I couldn't wait to get home because the mini blinds in my bathroom are disgusting and they're the plastic ones. I'm not sure what sticky mess splattered these but they always gross me out. Norwex.....is my new favorite thing!

Check out these before and after pics!

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